Beefcakes / Bearcakes

This is a tiny on-line store dealing in the prints and everyday items of Cauro Hige's artworks.

The products in this store are fulfilled in multiple regions (the USA, the EU, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Japan etc.) and shipped all around the world with the lowest shipping charge.

For a purchase, you need your PayPal account. After you log into it, you can choose your payment method, PayPal or credit cards. 


All the items are authorized by the artist. The selection varies at times, depending on stock and according to seasons. 

Items purchased at CAUROSO may not be returned or exchanged for your personal reasons. 

Instagram (@caurohige) can be a help for the reference of the details in each painting/drawing. It also provides you with the latest information about Cauro's work and CAUROSO.

If you'd like the prints that are not on the site, please ask personally by email. Many digital paintings/drawings are actually available. 

If you're interested in his old original acrylic paintings, please ask personally by email.